Dinky Dungeons is a bare-bones role-playing game published by “Doc’s Games – an Uncle Morty Production.” The game is very small in size and all contained. have been re-created with electronic text. The document includes: Dinky Dungeons Dinky Dungeons Character Sheets Dinky Dungeons Gamemaster Screen. Subject, Replies, Last Post. 14, An old review of Dinky Dungeons. by sos1 Wed Sep 2, am. 3. Sun Oct 3, am. by Cate

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It’s so simple, so natural, that it actually works well, especially with some tiny tweaking to make it more to your tastes. Small Space Dinky Games.

Action Table table determines action outcomes. Had they stopped with the skill introduction – loosely based on TFT’s Talents – it would have been near perfect. The production value of the document is surprisingly high; dungeonz is intended to be used as a print-and-play method to create a copy of the original game.

Armor makes you harder to hit.

Dinky Dungeons

The rulebook, a Game Master screen, an incomplete errata list, an adventure, a map and character sheets were all included in the baggie – with two 5mm dice rounding out the package The gameplay is about as simple as can be – characters have two attributes “Physical” and “Mental” but they go pretty far with very little.

Space ship generation and combat rules, futuristic weapons, invention rules, alien races, planet generation, initiative rules, etc.

Add tags Tags separate by space: If you have a copy for sale, please let me know! This game is a piece of RPG history. Learn More I supported because… “Roleplaying games have brought so much unexpected joy into my life. Tags separate by space: I couldn’t find a fan site for one of the best roleplaying games ever invented, so I decided to make one. It is available from the We Love Dinky Dungeons fan site see weblinks section.


Dinky Dungeons | Reviews | Forum | BoardGameGeek

If we’re lucky, perhaps he’ll give us a short interview with comments and memories about this amazing game. Please select a support frequency. But Dugeons Dungeons is one of the few systems I would still use. Advice From The Grizzled Veteran: They even have a great but stupid race called Fuzzy Winkers undesirable rodents that are just bad characters, period to add to the fun.

Learn More I supported because… “to name a few: Please report any problems by dungeonss me an emailthanks!

The rulebook includes character creation, character classes and races, weapons, armor, and items to buy, two different systems of magic spells, action resolution, saving throws, combat, “skill rolls”, experience rules, and a monster list containing 37 creatures with stats, over half of them also having some note or other.

There are three character classes: Thanks to scans sent by Dinky Dungeon fans, we’re expanding our artwork collection.

Digital manipulation and occasional “new art” have been used; most tables have been re-created with electronic text. If you know of any other Dinky Dungeons related material, or have any to sell, please let me know!

Anyway, Dinky Dungeons is hard to find these days, but worth a look if you like simple games. Writing is underway to finish our Dungeosn Dragons modules. The errata sheet includes the missing notes for some of the monsters, some detail about combat that was overlooked, rules for healing, alternate experience rules, and a picture of a Fuzzy Winker whining. More Information Edit History. But the more he immersed himself in Scripture the more he found to support the Catholic faith, and in he entered the Catholic Church.


It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. Siegewheel of the Blue Goblins: The amazing thing about all this was that the game design actually worked —despite the fact that it lacked all the extra-whazzits doo-dads that game designs normally have. Doubles are either critical success or failure, depending on if you succeed or fail with the roll dyngeons double ones and double sixes more extreme than double threes or fours.

Please select a support frequency.

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The idea behind Dinky Dungeons was that you got a whole role playing game in a single. I don’t have any others, though their “catalog” lists Hoaky Heroesa superhero game – was it ever released? Instead, the dinku characters can try more Idea rolls during a day, and the stronger ones can try more Muscle rolls during a day. Dinky Dungeons Average Rating: Hey Jimmy, Have you heard of Multiverser?

Series – Dinky Dungeons

The game was sold in idnky format that resulted in a tiny ruleboook that fit in tiny plastic bag with tiny dice. I met them and their game when I drove to the Tulsa event, OkCon.

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