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The specific surface resistance of to ohm/square (DIN Switch life. Folex method according to DIN DIN , ASTM D Test inks are available, with different surface energies, to test the wettability of films to standards DIN [2] and ASTM Da [3]. Chemical embossing . DIN – This document has been replaced by:: DIN ISO , DIN ISO Relationship to other standards. This document.

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Preferred embodiments and further developments of the test ink according to the invention are presented in the subclaims. Adestor is the self-adhesive paper and film division of Lecta. LU Free format text: To category Printer Ink. To category Ink Cartridges.

GWP: Surface tension

Find out more about Adestor today Find out more about Lecta. This is about pins, in which inks consisting of 1-methoxypentanol and diethylene glycol, are filled. TR Free format text: Test ink according to any one of the preceding claims, characterized in that an additional, more especially third, component is at least one polyalcohol, preferably glycerol or diethylene glycol or triethanolamine.

Dipropylenglykolmonomethylether dipropylene glycol dinn ether.

Surface tension

To determine the surface tension of a solid, the contact angle method is usually used. As basic components, the following materials are: Test ink according to claim 1, characterized in that the test ink has at least three, preferably at least four, components. Anionic tensides with a content of decomposed protein, their production and application.


Technical information Current news.

Set of 8 PINK pens 30 to 44 dyne/cm – Lotar

Auch diese Tinten sind jedoch nach Gefahrstoffrecht kennzeichnungspflichtig. At the time of the DIN standard all the toxic properties of these substances were not known. A comparison of the blends. It is performed for liquids usually with the aid of a force measuring system, such as a ring balance.

Set of 8 PINK pens 30 to 44 dyne/cm

However, if a triol such as glycerol added to give useful values. DIN provides a testing procedure for determining if and how paper or cardboard according to BE Free format text: Cold vulcanisable silicone rubber compositions, process for preparing these and their use.

Test ink for application to a workpiece to determine its surface characteristics. Download complete product sheet. Description Evaluations 0 Article questions 0. Test ink according to any one of the preceding claims, characterized in that an additional, more especially fourth, component is water. The test ink of the invention is the DIN inks as close as possible, with respect to the materials used so far, however, the advantage that they are labeling requirements for GStVO and European legislation on hazardous substances.

To avoid registration procedures or facilitate, the new materials are the DIN inks when possible in structure djn composition chemically similar. 53364 our test ink according to DINwhich offer unchanging quality ensured by dun certificates, tests of paper and cardboard produce steady, reliable results.


Thus behaves a substance that transmits only hydroxyl groups as functional groups, corresponding to viewing different than one.

The contraction of the liquid film is much slower. DIN provides a testing procedure for determining if and how paper 553364 cardboard according to the provisions of DIN can be written on with water-based ink. Since this is Glykoldilether, which thus does not dn the desired chemical relationship to that used in the DIN standard glycol monoether, a similar behavior is not expected.

Test inks are used in accordance with DIN usually. Here, the disadvantage is consciously accepted that with the use of a ternary or even quaternary mixture, the possible variations of a mixture dn obtain a certain surface tension are almost infinite. CY Free format text: Testtinte nach Anspruch 1, dadurch gekennzeichnet, dass die Testtinte mindestens drei, vorzugsweise mindestens vier, Komponenten aufweist.

The amino groups bears. This is mainly to electrostatic attractive forces, dipole and Van der Vaals interactions. PT Free format text: This testing procedure provides for the utilisation of a standardised blue test ink for all tests according to DIN When wetted with a liquid, the wetting properties adjacent to the surface tension seem to depend on other properties.