Safehold (10 Book Series) by David Weber. All Formats Kindle Edition. From Book 1: Humanity pushed its way to the stars – and encountered the Gbaba. Editorial Reviews. Review. “A nice blend of historical combat and survival fiction. Through Fiery Trials (Safehold Book 10) – Kindle edition by David Weber. Safehold Cemeteries (and the Jihad) by Erls» Fri Dec 28, am, 3, , Julia Minor Fri Dec 28, pm. Spoilers-Amazon’s “Look Inside” TFT.

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Nimue Alban The series is mostly set around the 31st century, on a distant world dubbed “Safehold” where a group of humans has hidden themselves from an alien race known as the Gbaba. When first contact davis made between the humans and the Gbaba, the Gbaba began an extermination campaign which nearly succeeded in destroying all known humans… More.

Off Armageddon Reef by David Weber.

Safehold Series by David Weber

Humanity pushed its way to the stars – and encoun… More. Shelve Off Armageddon Reef. Read Currently Reading Want to Read. The world has changed. The mercantile kingdom of… More. Shelve By Schism Rent Asunder. By Heresies Distressed by David Weber. Now the battle for the soul of the planet Safehopd More.


Shelve By Heresies Distressed. A Mighty Fortress by David Weber. Young Cayleb Ahrmahk has accomplished things few… More. Shelve A Mighty Fortress. How Firm a Foundation by David Weber. The Charisian Empire, born in war, has always kno… More. Shelve How Firm a Foundation. Midst Toil and Tribulation by David Weber.

Shelve Midst Toil davir Tribulation. Like a Mighty Army by David Weber. For centuries, the world of Safehold, last redoub… More.

Shelve Like a Mighty Army. Hell’s Foundations Quiver by David Weber.

Through Fiery Trials

Shelve Hell’s Foundations Quiver. At the Sign of Triumph by David Weber. Shelve At the Sign of Triumph. Through Fiery Trials by David Weber.

Safehold Series

With new alliances forged and old regimes fractur… More. Shelve Through Fiery Trials. Book 1 part 1. Operation Arche by David Weber. Die Erde und alle Kolonien der Menschheit stehen… More. Book 1 part 2. Der Krieg der Ketzer by David Weber. Shelve Der Krieg der Ketzer.


Book 2 part 1. Merlin by David Weber. Book 2 part 2. Die Flotte von Charis by David Weber. Vor langer Zeit mussten die Menschen vor einer au… More. Shelve Die Flotte von Charis. Book 3 part 1.

Die Invasion by David Weber. Der Planet Safehold, tief in der Galaxis: Book 3 part 2. Caylebs Plan by David Weber. Eine Welt ohne Technik. Book 4 part 1.

Die Eiserne Festung by David Weber. Shelve Die Eiserne Festung. Book 4 part 2.

Book 5 part 1. Das neue Abenteuer der Nimue-Alban-Reihe! Book 5 part 2. Der Verrat by David Weber. Book 6 part 1. Kampf um die Siddarmark by David Weber. Die Menschheit musste die Erde vor langer Zeit ve… More. Shelve Kampf um die Siddarmark. Book 6 part 2. Book 7 part 1. Die Streitmacht by David Weber.