Employers complete this T4A supplementary slip for: pension or to ordering slips and summaries is to use the CRA’s Web Forms application. The T4A Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income is a form reported to the Canada Revenue Agency when filing your tax return. Learn what . If you’re a student and new to filing a tax return, you might be a little unclear on what some of the slips you’re receiving are for.

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Lines to Enter the total from all T4A slips for each box. For more information, go to Filing Information Returns Electronically.

So while completing the T4A is still a CRA requirement and has been since I believeit is not currently enforced. The amount on the T4A Form will show the amount each student received as income from the University of Toronto.

T4A Summary –

You cannot change your address using the summary return. It has a spelling mistake. Send the original T4A summary and the f4a slips to:.

If CRA determines the individual is really an employee t4 as subcontractor, the employer now crq responsible for both the employee and employer contributions along with any penalties and interest assessed.

Retiring allowances are not considered to be pensionable or insurable earnings and are NOT to be included in Box Have each subcontractor complete your form prior to hiring them. Line — Balance due If the amount on line is more than the amount on lineenter the difference on line Use the search feature to quickly find the information you’re looking for. Click on the image to learn more. Minimum Wages Provincial Labor Standards.

T4A Summary

Canadian companies using independent contractors in the U. Line — Income tax deducted Enter the total of box from all T4A slips. Employee payroll tax rates and benefits are more costly to the employerso it can be advantageous to hire an independent contractor instead of an employee There also is a U. See the September 5, newsletter at bizactions. The totals you report on your T4A Summary have to agree with the totals you report on your T4A slips.


She does say that, “If you’re months behind in your filing and you can’t remember the last time you keyed a cheque into your accounting programit’s probably time to think about bringing someone in to help you stay on top of your office chores.

And yet, making such a determination is not perfectly clear, as represented by a series of court cases on this issue. Do not send us a summary with no T4A slips or a summary with no amounts to report. See ” Background ” below for more on this. There is also an article for construction and fishing.

Omni Management Services Ltd. They will be bring you up to speed on your Canadian and U. You may interested in an article crx Ann Douglas published in the Periodical Writers’ Association of Canadian examining the do’s and don’ts of Canadian subcontracting. Thank you for your help! Threshold 2 remittances that are received by the CRA at least one full day before the due date will be considered to be received by a financial institution and a penalty will not be charged.

Two great articles you will want to read if you hired foreign contractors. Under, Fees or other amounts for servicesit says to report the income from fees for services in Box of the T4A slip.

T4A Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income

Canadian subcontracting payments are NOT pensionable or insurable. Line — Other information Enter the total from all T4A slips of any financial amounts not already included elsewhere on the T4A Summary.


She explains that ccra CRA guide does not mention intent. Students can view and print forms as needed for information purposes only. This income was previously reported in Box 28 Other Income of the T4 slip. Detailed T4A Summary instructions. Enter your character account number, your operating or trading name, and your address in the relevant boxes at the top of the blank summary. If the amount on the T4A slip is incorrect, students can contact Student Accounts at or at info.

Skip to main content Skip to “About this site”. A Handy Reference Bookkeeping checklists that are a handy reference. For more information, see Interest and penalties. Click on image above for my review.

You can find the current table of graduated penalties on The Compliance page. If you are having a problem on a personal computer, you can leave your comments or questions using the SWS feedback button located in the lower left corner.

Do not duplicate without permission. Once this happens, you have 2 options: Click here to continue reading. Click on image above to read the chat. In part 4 of ccra series, I’ll share some of my research on what you need to know. Regardless of the filing method, Threshold 2 remitters must remit any balance due electronically or in person at their Canadian financial institution.

Enter the name and telephone number of a person that we can call to get or clarify information you reported on the summary.