Riley Logan and Travis Grayson have been best friends for the last fifteen years. She would do anything for him, go anywhere for him and she has, countless. “Trav, why are we here so early?” I complained as we hiked up the dirt hill to the starting line. I held my styrofoam cup tightly in my hands, praying no one would. A bachelorette party Riley is sure to never forget. And the day they finally become – Forever Us. *Contains foul language and non-explicit sexual content.*.

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I would do anything for him, go anywhere for him…and I have, countless times. When he decided to go pro in the BMX circuit, I traveled with him as often as I could and was always the most supportive best friend I could be.

When I graduated college and he asked me to be his personal assistant, we spent every waking moment together. We never fought or argued, in fact, our friendship was stronger than ever.

But a fractured ankle ys put his career on hold and has given him more downtime than he knows what to do with. Always one for excitement, he agrees to become the bachelor on a televised dating show.

Caylie Marcoe (Author of Choose Us)

He only agreed to do the show, if I would come along and go undercover to help him weed out the girls. Reluctantly, I agreed to give up my eight weeks of freedom.


He promised me this show would be smooth sailing. He promised he would listen to my advice on which girls should be eliminated. That choosf is me.

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You need to get up and get back to the house! Wait, did he say an hour? I shot up, rubbing my eyes against the bright light streaming through his bedroom windows.

Shit, I had fallen asleep in his bed. Now I had to find some way to sneak back into the house, with all the girls awake. I peeked through his curtains and could see the main house just through the cayylie. People were moving about throughout the house. I turned to the other window which looked directly out to the pool.

I could make out two figures drinking coffee out on the patio. Crap, getting back there under the radar was going to be next to impossible. His eyes landed on something and he broke into a smile. I looked down to what he caylir staring at and laughed. What genius plan did you come up with using my shoes? You can go out my back door.

You can run back up to the house on the beach. No one would know! The new Riley Logan, who all these girls know, does.


Then yes, yes I know. I punched him in the arm before heading down the path to the beach. Born and raised in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, Caylie fell in love with reading at a young age.

With her lively imagination, chooxe created numerous stories in her head throughout her childhood and teenage years. Finally at 16 she sat down at the computer and wrote out her first full length novel.

Chapter One Choose Us – Caylie Marcoe – Author

That pacified mxrcoe for a time. However, the stories kept swimming through her mind. Finally in she typed out Chapter One of three different novels and sent them off to a close friend for review. At her friends advice, she started exclusively writing Choose Us.

She also has an unhealthy addiction to tv shows—binge watching is her favorite. She chases her two kids around the house all day, and has a husband whom she adores. Posted by Michelle Cole at 9: Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home.