Customs Deceleration Form will provide you with proof for the customs agent that you bought your items in the States so that you do not have to pay duty or. Clarifications regarding the US Customs form were submitted to the Central Firearms Register and Commander of the South African. Do you need a US Customs and Border Control Form ? This small form is proof that your gear listed on the form was purchased and.

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Customs Declaration Form 4457

Home Blog Customs Declaration Form Every International airport corm an office located within or close by and sometimes you have to make an appointment. Me personally, I wouldnt wait until the last minute. Used for cameras, jewelry, electronics, firearms, etc.

I got a issued for my. On all my trips outside of the US I have never had US Customs check any of my optics or camera gear gorm I do have listed on aonly my firearms and when I came back from Canada they didn’t even check that. I also walked into customs in Minneapolis.

Customs Declaration Form

I don’t even call ahead of time. I would hate to be 2 hours from departure on an international hunt only to find out you couldnt get a4457 take your guns with you, and dont have enough time to get them back home before you have to board your flights The intent is to prove the item was in the U.


Here is a link to their site.

In fact at IAH with my gun I could have walked right out without them checking, I had to track someone down just to get them to inspect my and gun.

The real question is if you have a that doesn’t have a date on the form itself do you have to go get a new one? I’ve been told the US Customs is next to Starbucks in Terminal E, so that means I have to go thru airport security, which means I need a boarding pass, which means I have to wait until the last minute.

Easier for us in WY. You can have more than one form Take Beltway 8 to the Aldine Westfield exit. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

For South Africa travel, visitors are required to carry a passport that is valid for six months beyond the intended length of stay. Feb 11, Messages: I am heading to customs today to get my filled out so I can send it to Henry at rifle permits.


Dec 2, Messages: The building is on the right hand side of the feeder road. Customs Declaration Form Well, that was interesting! It usually takes less than five minutes.

JimPJan 25, The BS with appointments, etc.

I called the number on the website which refered me to another number which refered me back to the first number. But they’d run out of form and had gone to a copied form on corm 8.

It’s so you don’t have to pay duty. I had to call fomr customs office in McKinney, TX three different times before I could get them to schedule an appointment for me about a week later.

There should be sufficient blank pages for entry stamps for Member of SCI Hunted: You must physically take your items make sure they have some form forj identifying number or serial number to the office and the agent will inspect them.

Dec 7, Messages: So i just decided to make a road trip using Ruger’s directions.