Home HISTORY THE NGONI MIGRATION (O LEVEL) EFFECTS OF NGONI They caused wide spread loss of lives leading to depopulation in some areas. The Ngoni migration was primarily caused by Shaka’s expansionist wars. He had embarked on an a vigorous policy of expanding his empire at the expense of. Explain the causes of the Ngoni migration. Reasons for the Ngoni migration. The Ngoni migrated due to the tyrannical and dictatorial rule of.

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The Tuta Ngoni, czuses their movement northwards, disrupted the trade particularly between Tabora and Ujiji. All young men had to undergo training in order to become good fighters. Explain the effects of their migration on the people of East Africa. The Tuta Ngoni moved north wards into the land of the Holoholo miggration the Eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika but were driven out, forcing them to change course and settle in North-eastern Tanzania among the Nyamwezi around ls.

Without his strong leadership his group split into five small groups. It led to formation of some societies by those who used Ngoni tactics e. What was this thing floating in the water?

Causes of ngoni migration?

This caused untold suffering, bloodshed and a period of uncertainty. The important buildings in a Ngoni village are the houses of the clan head, his chief wife and the hut for the boys. Men like Zwangendaba, Maputo and Zulugama provided good leadership. Other people, including the old people, were often killed. They could have moved because of famine and drought that led to lack of food and water. Drought and Crop Failure. The groups cuases similar traditional dances, which date back to their warrior past.


Ngoni Migration / The Coming of the Ngoni ~ wanazuoni Wetu

This was so because they absorbed their conquered people into their society. The Ngoni intensified slave trade in East Africa, this was because they displaced people from their homes and so making it easy for slave raiders to get them and sell them.

This led to people losing their identity. The hostile climate also forced the Ngoni to move northwards. The Portuguese grew maize, which they brought to Africa from the Americas. They finally settled at Kahama South of Lke Victoria. Shade with different colours the areas where they settled. The Ngoni came in big numbers and were strong: They would force the captured men from other tribes to join them and became Ngoni warriors.

The more of these you had, the greater your importance in the tribe. This was caused by the fertility of soils and the reliability of rainfall between Drakensberg Mountains and the Indian Ocean. Applied the scorched earth policy hence taking people unaware. Assegai, cowhides and shields.

MGVSS History (Teachers): Ngoni Migration

The Mfecane lasted from to They also had a strong standing army that was always ready to crush the enemy. These were to be under the control and leadership of organized, strong and efficient rulers such as the Sangu chief, the Hehe, e.


This is called a kraal. The causes of the Ngoni movement to Southern Tanzania.

Explain the reasons why they migrated. Explain the causes of the Ngoni migration. Note; the most important of these factors was the need to escape Shaka’s tyranny. The defeated Maseko split into two groups. Not much was written about the Mfecane. They burnt and destroyed crops. They had superior military tactics such as the cow migragion method semi-circlewhich was unfamiliar in E.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Unlike other tribes, the Ngoni fighters were professionally trained and free of any work.

But their traditions and way of life continue. They even sold many of the people they captured to slave traders. The Tuta Ngoni on their movement northwards, disrupted the trade particularly between Tabora and Ujiji.


The Ngoni migrated due to the tyrannical and dictatorial rule of Shaka: Ot resulted into a period of insecurity, turmoil and chaos. This led to the Zulu Wars from about to Some knowledge of South African geography and history.

It was due to overpopulation: Later inthey divided into two groups. They met small and fragmented societies, which were unable to challenge their military organization.