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General catalogue – TECNOALARM FRANCE – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

Today, tecnoalarrm company from Turin, which has achieved a position of absolute excellence in Italy and in Europe, is rapidly conquering markets worldwide. This not only thanks to the technological know-how, the sophisticated inspection techniques and the ability to always propose advanced solutions and high quality products, but also to the great attention that the tecnoalxrm pays to the market Architects, planners and interior designers can nd in Tecnoalarm the ideal partner for the design, installation and management, even customized, of integrated solutions aimed at protecting locations such as dwellings, buildings, commercial and industrial areas, airports, highly sensitive locations and large retail complexes and centers.


Tecnoalarm is proud to spread this culture, these values and this knowledge around the world. Yecnoalarm security solutions The Tecnoalarm research department has developed an extensive range of detectors for the three levels of intrusion protection: The perimeter protection is made with long-range barriers, which have been specically developed for outdoor installations like industrial sites, warehouses, courtyards or gardens.

Barriers and detectors protect the outside of the building and the access ways like doors and windows. The indoor detectors capture the presence of intruders in each specic area It allows the nal user to verify in real time if the alarm has been caused by an intrusion.

The digital alarm signal is transformed into a particular sound signal whose intensity is directly proportional to the detected movement.

The security tecnoalarn It is only thanks to an appropriate project and a correct installation, that you make full use of a Tecnoalarm security systems Training Tecnoalarm introduces the concept of Security professional, by offering on a regular basis, free training courses for companies specialized in the installation of security system.


The constant training increases the professional level of the companies and offers them new opportunities for business development and growth. Technical features To depict and outline the rapid technological progress of the Tecnoalarm systems and to allow easy comparison between them, based on the intrinsic value and not on the economic value, Tecnoalarm introduces Help your customer in the choice of the Tecnoalarm system that best suits his needs.

Request and consult with him the comparative guide “Burglar alarm systems”.

Remotely programmable and manageable. System Conguration 14 Label that indicates for each type how many devices can be connected. The Online Industrial Exhibition.

VS – TECNOALARM FRANCE – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

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