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Skaffe web-plass Hva xecrets DNS? Interview with Corey Rudl: Seccrets Secrets of an Internet Millionaire. Discover the secrets of an Internet millionaire in this exclusive interview with online marketing guru Corey Rudl.

Corey is the author of the 1 best-selling course, ” The Insider Secrets to Marketing Your Business on the Internet ” and is probably one of the most recognized names in Internet marketing today. In the following interview, Corey reveals how he grew his business from a one-man show in his revealedd basement to four online businesses that attract over 1.

Corey reveals exactly how he did it, and details precisely what entrepreneurs need to be doing TODAY to be successful online. Hi Corey, and thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview. Maybe the best way for us to begin is for you to tell us a bit about yourself and your company, The Internet Marketing Center.

We specialize in showing people how they can drive tons of targeted traffic to their web sites and how to turn that traffic into sales and profits. We provide all the information you need to learn how to market your business online, in the form of home-study courses, books, video and audio tapes, and more. What really sets us apart from all the other marketing courses, though, is that we give you the concepts AND the software tools you need to promote and automate your business on the Internet.

And we do all of this based on our own real-world tests and experience, not just theory. This is how we are able to guarantee your results. Actually, that brings up a good question: The reason the course is so successful is because we practice what we preach. And that’s not to mention the tens of millions of dollars we have helped our clients generate.

We have over 70, affiliates and we get over 1. So we are actually using all the methods that we teach. Would you hire a poor stock broker? If he cannot make himself rich, how’s he going to help you? Would you hire a personal trainer that is not in good shape? People know our reputation and they know that the stuff we teach in the course actually works. We walk people through every single step they need to follow to be successful marketing their business on the Internet — even if they don’t have an online business yet.

We also have a few big Fortune corporate clients. We’re just now starting to see the big corporations picking up some of the things we were recommending two years ago! So the key to your success is practicing what you preach?

Another big reason we’re so successful is that we take all the risk. You can return it anytime for a full refund for any reason. Even if you decide you don’t like the paper it’s printed on, we’ll give you all of your money back.


And you know what?

Car Secrets Revealed by Corey Rudl (, Book, Illustrated) | eBay

We get nearly zilch returns — and that speaks for itself. That is the scoreboard at the end of the day. And we really do cover everything in the course you could ever imagine. We teach you everything from A to Z; everything from starting up from scratch with nothing reveaaled how to drive traffic to your site, right down to setting up your site to convert visitors to more sales.

You’ll learn how to maximize your exposure on the search engines, how to automate your entire business, how to build pop-up boxes, and hundreds of other things.

We even give you templates and ideas to revealdd from us to ensure that nothing will go wrong! That reminds me of a funny story A couple of years back, I thought of trying to get my course on the reading list for an Internet Marketing program being offered by a top university.

I had some meetings with a few of their senior marketing professors, srcrets to get ” Insider Secrets ” into the hands of all their Internet Marketing students.

They finally came back to me and said, basically, “Thanks, but no thanks. Why wouldn’t they want their students to have the 1 Internet Rrevealed course as part of their education? I wouldn’t let the professor leave my office until she told me. It turns out they were actually scared that if their students read my course and found xar that it cost less than two hundred dollars, they would feel ripped off by the school, which was basically charging them thousands of dollars for the same information!

T hat’s quite a story! It just goes to show that “traditional” education isn’t always the best cra to get the BEST information. Corey, could you tell us a little bit about your own history and background?

How did you get started marketing online? I had written a book called “Car Secrets Revealed” and had been trying to market it offline. After wasting a lot of money on magazine and print ads, I took a friend’s advice and decided to try selling it over the Internet.

Those magazine ads had eaten up most of my cash, but I did manage to scrape together enough to get my first web site up and running. I did everything myself — built the site in HTML 1. Those were the days when Netscape 1. It was all so new and exciting! I was glued to my computer 24 hours a day testing all kinds of wild and crazy marketing ideas to see which ones seecrets. And I can tell you that 95 out of ideas failed, but the ones that did work, worked like crazy! Within 18 months I had the 1 best-selling car book online When people started seeing that my counter had logged over 1, visitors at CarSecrets.

They wanted to know how such a simple and basic site was generating so much traffic, and if I could teach them how to do it.

Cory Rudl’s Car Secrets

Before too long I realized that I wasn’t able to teach people everything I knew during a one-week consulting contract. That was what set my course apart from every other Internet marketing course out there — that I had actually tested and proven my techniques.


Other courses were just teaching fluff and theory. By promoting the course with the exact same techniques I was teaching, it became the 1 best-selling Internet marketing course online within three months. Since then, it has been through four new versions — it needs to be updated regularly as the Internet changes so fast! But through all this time, it continues to be the 1 best-selling Internet marketing course online. Basically, we developed software that we needed for our own business.

We made sure it was the best and then made it available to our clients.

So, what specific suggestions do you have for someone interested in getting started marketing on the Web? That’s a huge question and, to be blunt, there’s no acr I could answer it in just a few minutes. In fact, that’s why I wrote a 1,page course in the first place There are literally hundreds of tips and suggestions for building cofey successful presence online.

There is just so much to know if you want to do it right the first time. However, there is one tip that is more important than any other It does not work that way. Spend the time to educate yourself about how everything works. Research your market or idea and learn how to identify a niche market on the Internet. Another thing to look at is your competition. How big are they? What are they doing right and wrong? Learn from people who practice what they preach — find people that you KNOW are successful on the Internet and model yourself after them.

There are so many “wannabes” out there who write books on web site promotion but don’t even have a successful Internet business themselves. Find someone who you know is successful and use them as a mentor — that’s what I did.

I had mentors, too. Why do you feel that so many people who attempt to create an income on the Internet fail to do so? Whoa, another loaded question! There are so many reasons, but here are the main ones.

Bear with me, this will be a long answer: Deciding on a product before finding a market is a big one. This is probably the most common mistake. You need to decide var a market first.

The Internet makes it very easy to find people interested in a specific category like gardening, hunting, aeronautics, accountants, or any other interest group. Just about any group is easy to locate and target online through web sites, newsgroups, e-mail discussion lists, e-zines electronic magazinesetc.

You have to make sure you have a captive audience, then find out what they are having a common problem with. If you can come up with a product or service to solve that problem, you have clrey guaranteed successful business.

It’s really that easy — that’s how all my businesses were built. And since you already know exactly where your customers are, it’s easy to target them. Say scientists had found a cure for the common cold.

You’d become a millionaire selling it online, right? How do you find people that are sick online?