Caer en la tentación by Heath, Lorraine and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at Lorraine Heath me dejó muy buen sabor de boca con Rendida a la Tentación la historia de Rafe que fue un libro maravilloso. Este libro me gustó tanto como el. A Matter of Temptation has ratings and 89 reviews. Sombra said: No es la serie del año, pero a mí me está gustando. La pluma de la autora hace que.

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Mar 07, Dawn rated it really liked it Shelves: Walaupun Robert dan John ini kembar sangat identik, saya lihat Torie ini kebangetan bodohnya kalau tidak bisa membedakan yg mana yg original. Overall I liked it. I must admit, though, to being a bit put off at the very beginning with Robert having been unjustly imprisoned for 8 years.

Very glad I gave Lorraine Heath a try. This book may not be the hit of the month or as original as those overly sexual new romances popping out every month. To see what your friends lorrajne of this sn, please sign up.

However, no sooner does Robert arrive home than he suddenly discovers he is to be wed! His twin brother, John, had him drugged and placed in the prison. Catherine, Lady M, is a strong woman. I felt like the author tired of the story and tried to wrap it up quickly but as a result left many strings dangling resulting in a total laa of suspension of disbelief.

While he kept on reiterating that he was sane after he came out, being seriously emotionally affected by it, is not insanity. Friendships are tested, the rest of the Scoundrels are introduced and already prove to be somewhat heroic. heqth


Whether a sinner or a saint, he held her interest as no other man ever had. Actually, he was quite lovable. With a few more tentaion or hints, perhaps I could rate this book higher. Take that with however many grains of salt you need to make it tolerable.

You’ve never been in that person’s shoes. But a much-altered Robert stands beside her on tentacipn wedding day. Also the whole “reclaiming his identity” thing or whatever.

But Lorraine Heath created Luke, whose affections and feelings rang true, who was indeed a lost soul redeemed. Or even the best HR I’ve read? That plan includes wine, good food, a BATH and finding a woman.

We never do know if John really did care for Torie Victoria or if it was just about her dowry of money and lands. They call him the Devil Tentacino scoundrel and accused murderer who grew up on the violent London streets.

He was more worried about going to bed with Torie instead of his brother’s perfidy, the likelihood of going back to prison, none of it.

I’m discombobulated just trying to explain it, which makes Heath’s abilities that much more impressive. He is now very quiet and considerate And a virgin hero? This was actually more like a 3.

I wish that Luke didn’t have to mention Frannie every damn chapter. Robert manages to escape after eight long years and returns to take his place.

A Matter of Temptation (Lost Lords, #2) by Lorraine Heath

The quiet dignity with which she carried herself, her strength despite everything that happened–these all made the journey worth it for me, even though at times I felt hurt by the hero’s indecision. Even though I have misgivings about this book, I still really loved Heath’s writing.

View all 25 comments. Now, Robert is free and he is struggling to figure out how to prove While I am the first to admit that I am a huge Lorraine Heath fan girl, this book, I’m sad to say, disappointed me: It’s a vaer novel people!


A Matter of Temptation

I must hurry on with Christmas chores This was a wonderful, both cute and funny, very tender romantic and well told romance. Hither and thither and without much force to it. The fall in love. Enter the heroine, obsessively intrigued by the dark lord. But there are several things that, if I take time to think about, spoil the overall book. This is my favorite book from Lorraine Heath.

He becomes the dark man in her forbidden dreams. A pesar de todo, es una novela y una serie que recomiendo.

In Bed with the Devil

London Lorraine Heath has always had a soft spot for emotional love stories. For years, Robert Hawthorne, the Duke of Killingsworth, was kept a prisoner by his scheming twin brother. While I am the first to admit that I am a huge Lorraine Heath fan girl, this book, I’m sad to say, disappointed me: Catherine and Lucian seem to be complete opposites but find that they’re really not.

She shames her friend again and again for not standing up to her husband. I really liked the beginning of the s Old fashioned romance with similar plot to the Man in the Iron Mask. The writing just did not work for me. And at the end of the book, it seemed to make more sense.

The Scoundrel in Her Bed: The hero is the protag: