CD1 Sensitive Gate Silicon Controlled Rectifier, Package: TO, Pins=3. Glassivated PNPN devices designed for high volume consumer applications. CD1 THYRISTOR SCR 4A V TOAA ON Semiconductor datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for. CD1 datasheet, CD1 pdf, CD1 data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Central Semiconductor, Leaded Thyristor SCR.

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Typical Holding Current versus Junction Temperature 1.

CD1 Datasheet PDF – ON Semiconductor

The user is advised to compare all critical dimensions for mounting compatibility. C – Silicon Controlled Rectifiers.

SCILLC makes no warranty, representation or guarantee regarding the suitability of its products for any particular purpose, nor does SCILLC assume any liability arising out of the application or use of any product or circuit, and specifically disclaims any and all liability, datasheet without limitation special, consequential or incidental damages.


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Mounting torque in excess of 6 in. Should Buyer purchase or use SCILLC products for any such unintended or unauthorized application, Buyer shall indemnify and hold SCILLC and its officers, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, and distributors harmless against all claims, costs, damages, and expenses, and reasonable attorney fees arising out of, directly or indirectly, any claim of personal injury or death associated with such unintended or unauthorized use, even if such claim alleges that SCILLC was negligent regarding the design or manufacture of the part.

CD1 Datasheet – V V[drm] Max., A I[T] Max. Silicon Controlled Rectifier from

SCILLC products are not designed, intended, or authorized for use as components in systems intended daasheet surgical implant into the body, or other applications intended to support or sustain life, or for any other application in which the failure of the SCILLC product could create a situation where personal injury or death may occur.

C Series C106s1 Device Sensitive Gate Silicon Controlled Rectifiers Reverse Blocking Thyristors Glassivated PNPN devices designed for high volume consumer applications such as temperature, light, and speed control; process and remote control, and warning systems where reliability of operation is important. Blocking voltages shall not be tested with a constant current source such that the voltage ratings of the devices are exceeded.


Ratings apply for zero or negative gate voltage; however, positive gate voltage shall not be applied concurrent with negative potential on the anode. Anode lead and heatsink contact pad are common. Typical Latching Current datashewt Junction Temperature http: CF1 – Silicon Controlled Rectifiers.

Maximum On—State Power Dissipation http: Datasueet has been demonstrated that the smaller dimensions of the ON Semiconductor package make it compatible in most lead-mount and chassis-mount applications.