Software, PageScope® NetCare PageScope® Web Connection PageScope® Network setup PageScope® Peer to Peer Printing Tool PageScope® EMS plug- in. Toner for Konica Minolta Bizhub 40P printer. Huge range of Konica Minolta toner cartridges. Free delivery & award winning customer service at Cartridge Save. When speed is critical and productivity a top priority, the bizhub™ 40P/40PX is ready for action. This workgroup laser printer is super fast, printing at

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Thank You Thank you for purchasing a bizhub 40P. You have made an excellent choice. Your bizhub 40P is specially Notice to Government End Users: Media Storage 7 Replacing Consumables Getting Acquainted with Your Printer Space Requirements To ensure easy operation, consumable replacement and maintenance, adhere to the recommended space Printer Parts The following drawings illustrate the parts of your printer referred to through- out this guide, so please Paper View Click the button to display a sample of the page layout in the figure area.

Working with the Status Monitor Introduction The Status Monitor shows information about the current status of the printer. Bizzhub Window The current status of the printer, the amount of toner remaining, and any error messages can be viewed Help Screens The help screens appear when the key is pressed after an error occurred, such as a media Configuration Menu Overview The configuration menu accessible from the control panel is structured as shown below.

Configuration Menu Overview The setting units can be If ON is selected, collated printing is performed. If ON is selected, the IP If NO is selected, IPv6 is dis- abled The setting units can be switched The date for Asia and China is set In order to use this menu, the administrator Custom size Tray 1 Simplex Width: Resulting static elec- tricity may cause printing errors.

The printable area on all media sizes is a bizhhub up to 4. Loading Media How do I load media?

Take off the top and bottom sheets of a ream of paper. Loading Envelopes The following procedure is given taking Envelop 10 as an example. Using them may lead to Loading the Paper Larger than A4 1 Open the tray and place it on a flat surface.


Loading Banner paper in the Tray 1 1 Open the tray and place it on a flat surface. Duplexing Select paper with high opacity for duplex double-sided printing.

Konica Minolta TN, Toner Cartridge Black, A0FP, Bizhub 40P- Original

Opacity refers to how effectively paper blocks out what is The following Order settings are Finishing When the optional offset tray is installed, job separation and offset printing can be performed. For the installation procedure, Offset Printing If offset printing is selected, the paper is fed out shifted as shown below. Media Storage How do I store media?

Replacing Consumables Before replacing consumables, make sure that the power of the printer is turned off.

Note Failure to follow Note Do not use refilled toner cartridges or unapproved toner cartridges. Any damage to the printer or quality problems Replacing a Toner Cartridge Note Be careful not to spill toner while replacing a toner cartridge.

bizhub 40P

If toner spills, immediately Note Dispose of the used toner cartridge according to your local regulations. Replacing the Transfer Roller bizhbu Open the top cover. Replacing the Feed Roller The feed roller is included as one of the Replacing the Feed Roller in the Tray 1 Pull the tray out of the printer. Replacing the Feed Roller inside the Printer 1 Open the top cover. Replacing the Backup Battery When the backup battery is at its end of Cleaning the Feed Roller inside the Tray The accumulation of paper dust and other debris on the media rollers Cleaning the Feed Roller inside the Printer 1 Open the top cover.

Cleaning the Duplex Feed Rollers 1 Lift the lever at the top left hand side of the duplex to Cleaning the Laser Lens 1 Open the top cover.

Introduction This chapter provides information to aid you in resolving printer problems you may encounter, or at least guide you Preventing Media Misfeeds Make sure that Media matches the printer specifications. Bizhun is flat, especially on the leading edge. Clearing Media Misfeeds To avoid damage, always remove misfed media gently, without tearing it. Any piece of media 400p in Clearing Media Misfeeds Note Do not touch the surface of the transfer roller. Doing so may cause the print quality to deteriorate Touching anything other than the indicated levers may result Symptom Cause Solution Media is The media is not cor- Remove the misfed media and reposi- misfeeding.


Symptom Cause Solution You are Media or settings are For autoduplexing, make sure that you experienc- not correct. Symptom Cause Solution Image is too The media is moist Remove the moist media and replace it light; there Symptom Cause Solution Irregular The media is moist Adjust the humidity in the media stor- print or mot- from Symptom Cause Solution There are The media path is Print several blank sheets and the toner dirty with toner Symptom Cause Solution Lateral lines The printer is not Place the printer on a flat, hard, level or bands Status, Error, and Service Messages Status, error, and service messages are displayed in the control panel mes- sage window.

Error Messages Operator Call: These messages indicate a more serious error that can only be corrected by a customer service engineer. Hard Disk Kit If you install a hard disk kit, the followings can be performed: Do not remove them from the printer. Duplex Duplex double-sided printing can be performed automatically with the duplex and enough memory installed. Lower Feeder Unit You can install up to two optional lower feeder units Trays 3 and 4. Installing the Lower Feeder Unit Bizhb Since consumables are installed in the printer, be sure to keep the bishub This printer weighs approximately 23 kg Offset Tray When the offset tray is installed, job separation and offset printing can be per- formed.

Power consumption V: Konica Minolta bizhub 40p User Manual. Page of Go. Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard.