The nine original stories which appeared in Italo Calvino, Racconti (Turin: Einaudi, ‘L’avventura di un viaggiatore’ (), ‘L’avventura di due sposi’ ( ). Read about l’avventura di due sposi e l’avventura di una moglie by Calvino and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. calvino Read with us. Italo Calvino “L’avventura di due sposi”. Novel. Italo Calvino () is the most famous Italian writer in the world. Today we propose.

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How vividly he captured the minute happenings around us and served us some riveting tales makes me revered in awe of him.

Italo Calvino Blog

Surprisingly, this Preface has not been included in the English edition. To view it, click here. Yet this is no idle game. Including – Soldier, Bather, Photographer, and traveller.

She does not move away when he touches her. For some time Amedeo had tended to reduce his participation in active life to the minimum. One story tells of the worst shot in the village hunting down a German soldier in the forests, which felt like a mini neo-folktale, leading to Calvino to compile the Italian Folktales.

Difficult Loves by Italo Calvino

A woman languishes on an air mattress, rolling down the twin pieces of her swimsuit to catch the sun. The “Stories of Love and Loneliness” capture the atomisation of the individual within family and society.

Arguably, some of the best were saved until last, ‘Stories of Love and Loneliness’ written in the fifties, sees Calvino slowly began to break avvsntura realism for the richer depths of philosophy, myth and fantasy.

I have him in the sights of a rifle, and I am a very bad shot. This collection of short stories does see Calvino in wonderful form though, but as we are dealing with 28 pieces in all, some were obviously better than others.


Into this avvenfura comes Barbagallo, ready to scandalize the poor, the clergy, the clerks and the rich patrons indiscriminately with his nakedness and his rough jokes, bitterly complaining about his fate, yet more alive than everybody else in the spisi.

The journey begins aptly with a young boy named Libereso, a simple gardener apprentice, who entices a kitchen maid called Maria-Nunziata into the secrets of his garden, gifting her with all the hidden wonders of the world.

And they photograph one another. Calvijo few accidental successes had sufficed to give him nonchalance and assurance with view-finder and light meters.

His power and his presence are strangely absent from this volume, although it is a series of autobiographical writings. The link between all these stories is the ultimate loneliness of each man, even in their most passionate impulses. Paperbackpages. Antonino is a bachelor surrounded by married friends with children, grumpily accepting to be the button pusher for family portraits, while considering capvino above such trivial pursuits: We must photograph it! Avventyra all 10 comments.

That meant inventing a world and a language to match it. Under his pen they become extraordinary and eternal. The “Postwar Stories” loosely embrace desire, except they do so via concrete detail about beds, mattresses, blankets, two-piece swim suits, bra straps, buttons and unbuttonings. They come back happy as hunters with bulging game bags; they spend days waiting, with sweet anxiety, to aavventura the developed pictures anxiety to which some add the subtle pleasure of alchemistic manipulations in the darkroom, forbidding any intrusion by members of the family, relishing the acid smell that is harsh to the nostrils.

Italo Calvino is slowly becoming my favourite author. Sometimes this slow and squalid stream spread right on down past the mezzanine floor and the glass doors of the Fabrizia’s, the furriers. In an essay not printed here, because it appears in his collection, The Literature Machine, Calvino discusses the political uses of literature, and concludes that ‘What we ask of writers is that they guarantee the survival of what we call human, in a world where everything appears inhuman.


These were fatalistic evocations of the unglamorous and deadly aspects of life during wartime: They were written along a period avventrua two decades: The garden is surrounded by walls, protecting the property of the rich; a simple shepherd is made fun of during a family dinner by his employer; an older man hides in an abandoned garden from his past misdeeds, protected by wild bees; a hardworking family man calvjno bitterly complaining about his sons who just want to sleep all day and gamble all night: The minute you start saying something, ‘Ah, avventjra beautiful!

Un Calvino un po’ eue. We seem to make love difficult for our selves and others. There are stories of War and what happens after War. No trivia or quizzes yet. When Khan asks about the inferno, Polo tells him that it is already here.

Difficult Loves

And the elegant women going to ci their minks or astrakhan altered had to hug the bannisters to avoid brushing against the ragged crew.

He begins to tell the stories back to Polo, each duue the other in invention. His interest in action survived, however, in his pleasure in reading; his passion was always the narration of events, the stories, the tangle of human situations.

A tortured, drunken sleep, where one wonders if the conversation, the gaze, the regret was real; or did I dream it, did I read it.