View and Download Asus P user manual online. Asus Cell Phone User Manual. P Cell Phone pdf manual download. View and Download Asus P service manual online. Asus P Cell Phone Service Manual. P Cell Phone pdf manual download. Download ASUS P service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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Product warranty or service will not be extended if: Table of Contents P specifications Getting to know your P Using the Input Panel Using the Speed Dial Wireless features Using the Wireless Manager. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Package contents Check your P package for the following items: Press to clear input character to the left. Used to make or receive phone calls, record sounds, record voice, or say voice commands.

A SIM card contains your phone number, subscriber details, phonebook, and additional phone memory.

Insert the SIM card with its gold contacts facing down and the notched corner oriented to the upper left corner of amnual slot as shown. Replace the battery into the compartment with its copper contacts properly aligned to the copper conductor on the device. Charging the battery The bundled battery pack is shipped partially charged. Charge the battery up to four 4 hours before using for the first time. Starting up Powering your device Make sure that your P is fully-charged before starting the device for the first time.

To turn on power: Press and hold the power button. Follow onscreen instructions to align screen and set the local time zone. This involves tapping in the center of targets that appear in various coordinates on the screen. To calibrate your screen: The Today screen The Today screen displays information useful to you.

You can configure the Today screen to have all the important information you need. The following describes the common information found on the today screen: Tap to open the Start menu Tap to setup date, time, and alarm Status indicators Refer to the table below for the Today screen icon status indicators. Connecting with ActiveSync ActiveSync connection not active. ActiveSync synchronization in progress.

Status indicators Icon Description New voice mail. No cellular phone service. Searching for cellular phone service. This icon appears only if you have international roaming feature. Vibrate or Meeting mode on.

Bluetooth head connected with sound. Appears when you set the alarm No SIM installed. Screen orientation You can set the screen to three different orientations: Landscape Set to Portrait mode to get a better view or better operation of certain applications on your device.


Set to Landscape when viewing pictures, video or viewing longer text files. Start menu The Start menu contains various programs and applications that you commonly use.

Tap Start to display the start menu items: Portrait mode You can also customize the items that appear in the Start menu. Using the Input Panel When you start an application or select a field that requires text, symbols, or numbers, the Input Panel icon appears on the menu bar.

The Input Panel allows you to select various input methods including: Using the Block Recognizer The Block Recognizer allows you to use a single stroke to write letters, numbers, symbols, or punctuations, which are converted into typed text. Using the On-screen keyboard With the on-screen keyboard, you can input text, symbols, numbers, or other special characters when input is possible.

To input text using the on-screen keyboard: In an application, tap the Input Panel arrow, then tap Keyboard.

Using the Letter Recognizer With the Letter Recognizer you can write individual letters, numbers, or special characters, which are converted into typed text. To use the Letter Recognizer: In an application, tap the Input Panel arrow, then tap Letter Recognizer. As you key in alpha-numeric texts on the keypad, ,anual automatically matches your input with most likely the completed word.

Using the Transcriber Transcriber is a handwriting recognition program that allows you to write in cursive, print, or mixed styles. It reliably recognizes not only written text but also numbers and symbols.

Asus P User Manual | 24 pages

Make sure to write legibly. See Help for more information on the Transcriber. To use the Transcriber: Writing and drawing on the screen You can write or draw directly on the screen and save notes in your own handwriting.

If you prefer to use your own handwriting or use drawings in your notes, set the default input mode to Writing.

Recording voice At any time, whether your phone is on stand-by or active mode, you can record sound, voice, or add a recording to a note while using your device.

To create a voice recording: Press and hold the Voice Commander button to begin recording. To add a recording to a saved note: From the Notes list, tap to open a saved note. ActiveSync can also synchronize over a wireless or cellular network with Microsoft Exchange Server, provided that your cellular phone service or company is running Microsoft Exchange Server with Exchange ActiveSync.

If you wish to synchronize your device with Exchange Server through your company or service provider, obtain the name of the Exchange Server, user name, password, and domain name from your network administrator before starting the Sync Setup Wizard.


To install and configure ActiveSync in your computer: To synchronize your device via mini-USB: If necessary, tap the check box This server requires an encrypted SSL connection. Input your name, password, and domain then tap Next.

Asus P526 Service Manual

Tap the check boxes to select the data items that amnual want to synchronize with Exchange Server. To change the available synchronization settings, select a data item then tap Settings. Tap Finish when done. Setting the synchronization schedule To set the synchronization with Exchange Server: Refer to the table for input details.

Volume Recommended setup High Select a shorter interval in the Peak times list. Select As items arrive option or a longer interval in the Off-peak times list. Searching information Using the search tool, you can search for files and other items stored in your device or the external MicroSD card. Getting Help You can easily find Help for using any program on the device. To get help for a program: A page will open with links to topics aus explain how to use the program.

Using phone Like a standard cellular phone, you can use your P to make and receive calls. Making a call You can make a phone call using the phone pad. Using the alphanumeric keypad To make a call using the alphanumeric keypad: Making calls from Contacts To make a call directly from Contacts: Press the Right Soft key or from the Today screen, awus Contacts.

You can do any of the following to make a call: To create a Speed Dial entry: Using Voice Commander To make a phone call using voice commander: Press the Voice Commander button beside the Right Soft key. Receiving a call When you receive a call, a message prompts and allows you to answer or reject the incoming call. To answer or reject an incoming call: Using the Wireless Manager The Wireless Manager allows you to enable or disable your wireless connections in a single location.

This is a quick way to preserve battery power or to prepare your device for an airplane flight. To use the Wireless Manager: Wsus Bluetooth enabled in your device, you can: Adding Bluetooth devices 1. Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on the device you want to add and the device is set as Discoverable.

Tap Add new device When prompted, input the alphanumeric passcode of the device you want to connect then tap Next or press the Right Soft key.