Biography of Albertina Sisulu. Prominent leader in the African National Congress and ‘Mother of the Nation’. Mama Albertina Nontsikelelo Sisulu was a political activist, nurse and born on 21 October into the Thethiwe family in a village called Xolobe in the. Nontsikelelo Albertina Sisulu (born ) was one of the most important women leaders of the anti-apartheid resistance in South Africa. She was a leader of the.

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She was also elected one of three co-presidents of the UDF.

Albertina Sisulu

Inin an environment as formidably hostile and bbiography as could be imagined, she started a small underground cell, the first move in an attempt to recreate some semblance of an ANC underground that to all intents and purposes had ceased to exist.

Sisulu only went home during the December holidays but she found this a small price to pay for the opportunity to attend high school. She said she found these words inspirational, and this provides perhaps sisluu best clue of what this truly remarkable human being was all about.

Instead he advised her to consider nursing, as trainee nurses were paid to study. Adopted daughter Beryl Sisulu is South Africa’s albeetina in Norway; Lindiwe Sisulu was from to the minister of defence; Zwelakhe Sisulu who died on 4 Octoberwas a prominent businessman; and daughter-in-law Elinor Sisulu, married to Max, is a well-known author and human rights activist.

Albertina Sisulu | South African political activist |

You were taken away by the evils of the past the first time, but I knew you would come back to me. In reality, it was an acknowledgement of her important role in organising the United Democratic Front. Sisulu regarded her relationship as being that of a “mother and a son”, and the two never allowed the rivalry between the UDF, and Azapoof which Asvat was the Health Secretary, and a founding member, to interfere with their friendship or working relationship. While all this was happening, she was often quietly in a frenzy of concern about her children, who were in and out of detention.


Several of the Sisulu children have themselves become leaders in the democratic South Africa.

Albertina Sisulu – Wikipedia

A bright, hard-working and conscientious student, she won a scholarship to attend Sisjlu College, a Roman Catholic mission school in the town of Matatiele. She said she believed the Mandela United Football Club burned down her house because she pulled some of her young relatives out of the gang.

Also present were Anton Lembede and Evelyn Mase. She was banned biorgaphy a total of 18 years, more than any other person during the struggle, and under partial house arrest for some of that time.

In London, she addressed a major anti-apartheid rally to protest against the visit of National Party leader FW de Klerk.

She was affectionately known as Ma Sisulu throughout her lifetime by the South African public. She biogrwphy cadres and she helped those who wanted or needed to escape the country to do so, so that they could join the ANC in exile, often to further their education, more often for military training.

Economy and transformation top priority in ANC election manifesto Politics. She became a trustee for the centre and helped fundraise for it. Lindiwe is minister of defence and Max is speaker of the National Assembly.

Albertina Sisulu Centenary

Archived from the original on 7 June She mentored a number of women activists, who called themselves “MaSisulu’s Girls”. President Jacob Zuma paid tribute to Ma Sisulu in the wake of her death. Max Sisulu’s wife, Elinor, wrote in In Our Lifetime, a biography of her parents-in-law, that what Albertina found hardest to bear was the persecution of her children. Banning orders meant she could not go to meetings or leave the district.


Inshe was finally allowed a passport and went abroad for the first time. She insisted that their home in Soweto and its garden be immaculate and that every visitor be fed, no matter how little food there was.

Parliament to seek answers on Clifton beach ‘curfew’ Politics.

Man fills up petrol tank using fake cash – then drives off! Although Sisulu’s scholarship covered her board and lodging, she had to pay it back during the school holidays by ploughing the fields and working in the laundry room.

When 20, women gathered outside the Union Buildings in Pretoria in to protest to the South African prime minister JG Strijdom against an extension to the pass laws, they sang: Twice she had to drop out of school, so she was two years behind the rest of the class when she graduated from Mariazell, a Catholic mission school, in Throughout the long nightmare that enveloped her during the struggle years, she behaved with unflinching dignity, integrity, grace, courage and compassion.

Retrieved from ” https: Max was forced into exile aged However, Father Huss advised Sisulu against this, as nuns did not earn a salary nor did they leave the mission post, so she would not have been able to support her family in the way she wanted to.