In this answer, purity of ghee is tested by comparing home made ghee with store bought ghee. Store bought ghee is adulterated with three main ingredients. Learn about adulteration of ghee, types of adulterants, detection of adulterants in ghee. Buy unadulterated Pure Desi Ghee at VedicGiftShop. Detection of adulteration of ghee (clarified milk fat) with palm olein and sheep body fat using Reichert-Meissl (RM) value coupled with solvent.

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Test for adulteration with coconut oil Items required: In rare cases, ghee may be adulterated with animal fat like tallow. The problem of detecting adulteration of ghee in India in very complicated and needs serious thoughts over it at all levels. Ghee is considered a pure food in Ayurveda. A test tube with a stopper or a small clear bottle with cap preferably sterilisedconcentrated hydrochloric acid, a small quantity of sugar.

However, UV fluorescence and paper chromatography techniques are not that adulteratjon sensitive while the addulteration methods require sophisticated instrumental facilities such as GC, Mass spectrometry, which due to their very high cost and costly analytical process, are available in limited laboratories and are also time consuming.

Finely powdered cane sugar. These can be purchased from a shop from where college chemistry supplies are available. Add 5ml of 0. Mix thoroughly and allow to stand aadulteration 10 min.

After collecting the cream for a few days, churn it in a mixer, which separates the butter. If, after some time, the bottom layer shows pink or red colour, the sample is adulterated with rancid ghee.


Indicated values for commonly used parameters to differentiate pure and adulterated ghee materials are many a times overlapping. To acquaint with the problems of ib in Ghee and their detection.

Detection of tallow adulteration in cow ghee by derivative spectrophotometry

Jirankalgikar gghee Subrata De. Though the laboratory tests are more accurate in determining adulteration, for finding out the suitability of consumption the home tests will suffice. Error Sorry there was an error sending your form.

Comparative second order derivative ultraviolet spectra of ghee, tallow and mixtures of different proportions of tallow in ghee. The composition of ghee is After five minutes, if a red colour appears in the bottom of the ghee then the sample contains vegetable oil.

Cow ghee, second order spectra, tallow adulteration, ultraviolet spectrophotometry. Sent your message successfully!

Butyric acid in the gut adulteeation the production of T-cells which are the cells that fight infections and bacteria. The intensity of absorption around nm is about four times in cow ghee as compared with that of tallow. In recent years, however, research seems to indicate that ghee is better than many of the seed and vegetable oils that were used in its stead. As ghee can be easily adulterated, a few tests at home can help you ensure that what you adulheration using is not harming you.

The study reports a rapid, sensitive, cost-effective derivative spectrophotometric method for detection of tallow adulteration in cow ghee. Direct spectrophotometric determination of multi-ingredient sample is often complicated by interference from ingredients itself and spectral overlapping. Take ml of melted ghee in a test tube. Test for adulteration with old and rancid ghee This test requires chemicals that are not usually found at home. Its supply is lower than demand.


Mix the melted ghee with the furfural acid solution. Consuming ghee, therefore, helps in building a strong immune system.

Detection of Adulteration in Ghee

adulteratikn The developed derivative spectroscopic method is a rapid, sensitive, cost-effective method for detection of tallow adulteration in cow ghee. The naturally occurring butyric acid in ghee can help in the treatment of these diseases.

Ghee and tallow taken in chloroform as such and mixed in different proportions were scanned by spectrophotometer and their second order spectra were analyzed. The data reveals that there are clear differences in the second order derivative spectra of tallow and cow ghee.

Simple Tests To Check Purity Of Your Ghee At Home

This intensity decreases with the increasing proportion of tallow in cow ghee. The value of the ratio of the absorbance of peaks at about nm and nm steadily decreases guee the increasing proportion of tallow.

There is a need to develop aeulteration sensitive, rapid, cost-effective method. UV spectrophotometry The normal absorption spectra of ghee and tallow of all the samples were recorded in the range nm using a PerkinElmer UV-visible recording spectrometer Model — Lambda Adulterating ghee with animal fat materials like tallow emerges as a serious concern, especially due to cultural and religious background in India, which includes vegetarianism as well as motherly attitude toward cows.